Tabernacle Ministries International is a Coalition of Transitional Leaders and a professional society of Apostolic Leaders who are recognized by a significant segment of the Body of Christ worldwide as having leadership gifts, abilities and manifesting the Biblical definition of an Apostolic Ministry.

Membership in TMI means that a man or woman of God has demonstrated a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, diligently studies the Word of God in Scripture, demonstrates the love and character of God, and has a Holy desire to be set into place as an Ordained Minister of the Most High God.

TMI believes that Ordained Ministers are not limited to just one area of Ministry. There are to be Ministers Ordained and set in place within the seven areas of cultural influence. Ministers should be Ordained and set into

  • Church
  • Business
  • Education
  • Government
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Media
  • Family

Members of TMI are required to have a proven history of ministry, sanctified and consecrated unto God, witnessed and attested to by those around them and those to whom they are accountable.

Members of TMI must adhere to a strict code of Christian Ethics and Moral Conduct both privately and publicly.

Members of TMI must have no less than three recommendations from their Bishop, Pastor or the one to whom they are spiritually accountable.

Members of TMI must have a heart to support and pray for other members in TMI creating a strong, effective network that can be used to promote Love and the Kingdom of God.