Member’s Responsibility

A member of Tabernacle Ministries International you will have certain responsibilities. These are:

  1. Completion of TMI application
  2. Quarterly report to TMI  at for prayer emphasis
  3. TMI will visit those covenant members that have church organizations from time to time without notification to observe, edify and encourage the ministry.
  4. TMI Covenant members are committed to sow a monthly minimum seed of $25.00 to be paid by check or credit card to TMI for ongoing ministry development.
  5. TMI Covenant members are committed to pray for and encourage each other, building relationships and giving strength one to another.
  6. TMI Covenant members will only build up and never tear down, through word or deed, another member of TMI or the Body of Christ.
  7. TMI Covenant members will always uphold the moral and spiritual standards of Christ, both privately and publicly adhering to the Code of Ethics.
  8. TMI Covenant members are committed to attending, promoting and contributing financially or of their giftings to the Annual TMI Conference.
  9. TMI Covenant members will make their best efforts to be present for Consecration and Ordination services.
  10. TMI Covenant members will share newly found effective strategies and revelations to help change the Cultural Influences to the Kingdom of God.