The mission of Tabernacle Ministries International is to change the national and international culture to that of the Kingdom of God by publicly recognizing those whom God has set aside unto Himself as Ordained Ministers.  With this ordination, men and women of God are set into place by acknowledging the Divine call which has been placed on and in their life.

These men and women of God must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, be diligent students of the Word of God and show forth the Love and Character of God Himself.

God has purposed from before the foundation of the world that there should be men and women to whom He could trust His authority. All authority was give unto Jesus. When he ascended, He gave that authority to men and women on this earth. These men and women of God are to go into every area that has the ability to shape our culture.  Culture is unique to each family, community, and country, but there are seven distinct culture shapers:

    • Government
    • Family
    • Religion
    • Arts & Entertainment
    • Business
    • Media
    • And, Education

Each sphere of influence in culture has fallen under the weight and transforming ability of sin and must be redeemed to it’s original state.  It is the mission of TMI to search, recognize, and set in place those who God has sent to this earth to accomplish this purpose. Ordination is not limited to just one area of culture influence, but is for all of the spheres of influence.

Therefore, the mandate of TMI is to have Ordained Ministers within all seven of the spheres of influence, transitioning this world system into the Kingdom Of God.